2-Bone Prime Rib Roast

5/29/2018 – We had put a vac-packed frozen, 2-bone Prime Rib Roast in the refer to thaw two days ago. Removed it this morning and salted with Kosher salt and let set out in the vacuum bag for about an hour to thaw more. About 2 PM, seasoned it with cracked black pepper and inserted garlic slices into slits in the top of the roast. Mary read and followed Bobby Flay’s recipe. It was good and the simple prep was nice.

3:40 PM – Put it into a preheated 350-degree convection oven on a rack in a roasting pan with the ChefWorks probe inserted. The IT was 44. So, in the 40 minutes it had set out it warmed up from the 38-degree refer to 44 degrees.

ChefWorks alarmed at 135 degrees in about 1 hour & 45 minutes. Pulled it and covered the top and sides with foil to rest on the stove.

6:00 pm – Split the 2-bone roast in half and cut up one half into pieces and a bone. The interior was not pink but just beyond pink and tender. The bone was a little pink. Gave Kelley the bone in celebration as today they made an offer and reached an agreement on a house in League City and yesterday accepted the offer on their house.

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