3-bone Pork Rib Roast Smoked

This roast has potential to be great.


When the Pork Shoulder Competition Trimmed meat came off the Weber today there was still a couple hours of charcoal to burn. So, we had defrosted the 5″ long, 3-rib pork roast and decided to throw it on. 20161023_053849Cold from the refer we removed it from the vac sealed bag, removed the silver skin, and rubbed in separately and liberally with:

  • Yellow mustard then:
  • granulated garlic
  • cracked black pepper
  • broken rosemary and
  • thyme

3:30 – Put it on the Weber at 225 after the butt was pulled and the coals stoked with a new pecan chunk.

4:30 – The grate temp is steady at 225.

6:00 – Grate temp is 242 and TBS. IT is 242.3-Bone Pork Roast

7:30 – IT is 168. Wrapped and put into convection over at 300.

7:50 – It is 167 and grate is 197. Pulled and wrapped in alum foil to cool and when reheated Mary says it will be fine.

10/26/2016 – Reheated in oven at 275 wrapped on top and side in foil and sitting on 1/4 sheet pan. Cut into three chops and it was good. Not to die for but good. A spicier rub might have helped along with misting it or maybe bacon wrapped.

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