8″ heart-design waffle iron with low base by Western Importing Co.

Won on March 21, 2013 for $36.00 plus shipping of $12.00 from Johnk5546 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

His ebay ad read: 8″ Western Importing Co. rosette/heart shaped design cast iron waffle iron with a low base (also by Western Importing of Minneapolis and New York) in very good condition, seasoned and ready for use. One side of the waffle iron is marked 999 and the other side has 981. The base has 975 WI Co. There were no handles on the waffle iron, so I personally hand carved a couple of pieces from some sinker cypress. Handles may not be pretty but they are functional.”

In a later message he responded: “It came from an estate sale in the French Quarter, from a very old building on St. Louis St.  It seemed like an old family homestead and some member of the family was probably living there until recently. It was the second or third building from the corner of Rampart on the Esplanade Ave. side of the street, not the Canal St. side. It was a three story building.”

It was manufactured by Griswold for Western Importing from 1920 – 1930.

Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron inside both halves Heart-Shaped Waffle IronTop Heart-Shaped Waffle Ironsupport ring Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron support ring manu nos Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron side iso


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