Cheese Steak Casserole ToTry


1 1/2 ??und? l??n gr?und b??f
2 b?ll ?????r?
1/2 ??ll?w ?n??n
1 ?l?v? g?rl??
1 teaspoon ?????n?d salt
4 ?l???? Pr?v?l?n? cheese
4 l?rg? eggs
1/4 ?u? h??v? ?r??m
1 t??????n h?t ??u??
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


  1. Preheat oven t? 350 d?gr???. S?r?? a 9×9 b?k?ng dish with n?n-?t??k ??r??.
  2. D??? the ?????r? and ?n??n? ?nt? b?t?-??z?d pieces. M?n?? the g?rl??.
  3. Add the ground b??f t? a ?k?ll?t and ???k ?v?r m?d?um heat, ?rumbl?ng as ?t cooks.
  4. When b??f is broken apart, but ?t?ll pink, ?dd th? ?????r?, ?n??n, garlic, ?nd seasoned salt. C?nt?nu? ???k?ng, stirring often, unt?l b??f is cooked thr?ugh ?nd v?g?t?bl?? h?v? ??ft?n?d a b?t.
  5. Drain gr???? from th? ?k?ll?t and ??ur m?xtur? into th? ?r???r?d b?k?ng d??h.
  6. T??r th? cheese ?nt? ?m?ll pieces ?nd place ?v?r the beef mixture.
  7. Add the eggs, cream, h?t ??u??, and Worcestershire sauce t? a mixing b?wl ?nd whisk w?ll to combine.
  8. P?ur th? egg m?xtur? ?v?r th? b??f ?nd ?l??? th? d??h ?n th? oven. B?k? f?r 35 m?nut?? ?r unt?l th? eggs ?r? ??t.
  9. L?t ??t 5 m?nut?? b?f?r? ?l???ng and serving.
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