Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut

10/9/2019 – This is a new recipe for us as it includes ginger. It was inspired by the recipe here where there are a lot of good ideas. She mentions in that recipe that 800 gms of ingredients will correctly fill a quart jar.


green cabbage – 1 medium head – 909 gm
carrots – 4 odd sizes – 286 gm
ginger root – 2″ avg piece plus 2 small knobs – 27 gm
garlic cloves – 5 large – 29 gm
Pickling salt at 0.17% = 21.3 gm

As the total weight was 1251 gms and 800 gm fills a 1-quart jar, we ended up with 2 quart jars that were only 75% filled.

As the generally recommended ratio of cabbage to other stuff should be 3:1, the above ingredients are close to that mix.

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