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Giardiniera – The Storm Ferment

1/11/2020 – This is our second ferment with our bok choy and mustard greens from the garden with store-bought cauliflower. The first ferment was great so we did not change much. This time we added the Diakon Radishes from the garden as there is a lot of them. We used the same level of cayenne flakes from our garden; i.e. 2 teaspoons per quart.

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Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry with Garlic & Ginger

1/7/2020 – This was one of Mary’s first stir-fry meals in a long time. She was a bit tense and, in addition to advice from Maggie, had spent time watching videos on that cooking style. The recipe below was inspired by the one here. It turned out great. The veggies were crunchy, the shrimp were crunchy, tender and flavorful, and it had just the right amount of heat for us.

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Chicken in Mustard Green Wraps

1/5/2020 – Mary made this based on the copy cat recipe for PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps here. The wraps were very good. The big difference is using our mustard green leaves instead of lettuce. We had a hard frost last night and that was not the first. Frosts are supposed to make greens sweeter and our mustard greens are certainly milder now than before the frosts. They were a very good alternative for the lettuce and will be used again.

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Fermented Diakon Radish

12/31/2019 – Made this minutes after pulling the radishes in the garden. Tasted several pieces and found them very spicy. This jar was made without them being peeled.

1/14/2020 – Opened the jar and found it had a funky smell. Removed one of the spears and the smell was still funky. Tasted a small piece enough to crunch it and the taste was off. Spit it out and threw it all away. The spears did seem to have a good crunch so the salt content must be ok.

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Giardiniera with Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, and Cauliflower

12/7/2019 – This is an experiment using our bok choy and mustard greens from the garden with store-bought cauliflower. The intent was to make it spicy and hence the 2 teaspoons of cayenne flakes from our garden. We tried some after a week and again on 12/23/2019 and it was very good and getting better. 12/31/2019 finished the first jar with red flakes floating and spicy good.

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