Baby Back Ribs and Beef Ribs

1/14/2018 – 5 AM to 6 AM – Pulled silver skin from BBs and rubbed well with Kit’s Creole Seasoning. Rubbed the beef ribs with Jeff’s Texas Rub. Put into refer.

2:30 – Put into MES. Smoke was from a mixture of ChefMasters blend pellets (~50%) and Treflager Hickory (~50%). Ambient Temp is 40 and humidity is ~60%.

3:30 – Removed Beef ribs. Mary poured on some Stubbs sauce, wrapped in foil and put into the oven set at 250.

5:30 – Painted on a baste of 50% of made of 1/8C Stubbs Orig Sauce, 1/8C ACV, 1/2 Tbs Creole Seasoning, and 3T butter. (Forgot the butter.) Painted it on three hours into the smoke.

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