Baby Back Ribs for 2017 Mother’s Day

4/13/2017 – The ribs turned out great. The only thing different for us was the baste applied when wrapped and put in the oven. Kelley and Mary liked them a lot.

5/14/2017 – Bought two racks of BBs at HEB. About noon removed the silver skin and trimmed the small flap on the inside for tasso. Liberally shook on Stubbs Hot Pork (SHP) Rub and covered with plastic wrap on a baking sheet. Cut about 8 bones worth off the small end of the smaller rack. Sprinkled with table salt and CBP for Piper and Olivia.  Wrapped that piece separately in plastic wrap. Put in refer to cook tomorrow – Mother’s Day.

8:30 – MES is up to 250 and tray is smoking with Lumber Jack Pecan pellets. Put ribs in with the one for the girls in a tray with a grid on the top grate; the remaining rack on the 2nd down and the full rack on the third down. Ambient temp is 72 and humidity is 84% but does not feel humid.

9:00 – Grate temp is 221 and MES is 251. Very thin smoke.

9:30 – Smoke is heavier.

10:30 – Grate temp is 267 and MES is 253. Heavy smoke as an hour or so ago the second slot began burning and making a lot of smoke. Visible swirling inside. Meat has a good mahogany color, moist, and cooking.

11:30 – Great color, very moist and IT in the thick part of the full rack on the 3rd grate down was 188. Pulled and wrapped them in alum foil with the baste per below. Put into the convection oven set at 325.

Made a baste two hours into the smoke of 1/2C Stubbs Orig Sauce, 1/2C ACV, 1T Stubbs Hot Pork Rub, and 6T butter. For Piper and Olivia’s ribs made a baste of 2T butter, about 1/4C Stub’s Sweet Hickory sauce (it had little spice and was kinda sweet) and 1/4C ACV to pour and paint on both sides of ribs then placed with meat down in alum foil; i.e. bones up to not puncture foil and drain the juices.

12:30 – Kelley and girls have arrived. Pulled and served about 1 pm. Kelley made corn bread and I added fresh chopped green onions, fresh cilantro and a fresh tomato to the beans made yesterday. They were much better than yesterday.

Like yesterday’s pork shoulder the smoke was very heavy for a while as two rows of the tray was burning. Makes me think that one tray and the very thin smoke plume is not enough. Should try lighting both ends once have a sheet metal shield between the tray and the heating element. As these two smokes were the first time without the chip box and the element was much more exposed to the tray. I think that extra heat made it jump the row and more than one burn at a time.


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