Baby Back Ribs on the Recteq

7/26/2022 – This smoke turned out great with the ribs nicely flavored and with a great color and appearance. Mixing the ACV and BBQ Sauce gave a thinner sauce that when cooked in foil for the last hour with more rub worked well as it had in 2019.

9 AM – Rinsed off and removed silver skin of 2 racks that have been frozen. Sprinkled table salt on both sides to dry brine. Shook on 6POGS generously but not heavy. Put back in the refer uncovered.

12 noon – Put them into the Recteq preheated to 250°.

4 PM – Pulled, wrapped in aluminum foil, mopped on So Good with ACV mixed at 2:1, added 6POGS, then wrapped tightly and put into the oven at 275.

5 PM – The meat pulled apart easily when a fork was inserted and twisted. It came cleanly off the bones.

Bro. Digger called and wanted to come by to talk. He did and was here from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. The ribs were good slightly warm.

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