Baby Backs- 2 Racks

3/5/2017 – Smoked them with a Pork Shoulder for Maggie, Jeff and family as this is their first time out since eloping to Galveston at Christmas. Looked great when pulled but over cooked wrapped in a warm oven.

8:30 AM –  Pulled silver skin and rubbed one with Stubb’s and the other with Jeff’s Original Rub with its sweeter profile.

9:30 – Put the Stubbs on the rack above the Shoulder and the Jeff’s on the top grate. MES is set at 250 and the Shoulder grate probe is running about 235.

1:30 – 3 hours – Pulled and wrapped in foil after painting on Stubbs Hickory Bourbon on the rack with Jeff’s Rub and Stubb’s Smokey Mesquite on the rack with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub. Drizzled maybe 1/4 cup of apple juice from concentrate into each foil pouch. Put into oven set to 350.

3:30 – 6 hours – Unwrapped and the meat easily fell apart when we stuck a small knife in between the ribs. Wrapped back up and put into the other oven that was warm.

5:00 – Unwrapped and ribs had stuck to the foil. They fell apart and were a bit dry and stringy in parts. Taste was fine. Leaving them in the other “cool” oven was still too hot and the collagen completely broke down.

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