Banana Pepper Ferment, Spicy

9/22/2019 – This ferment uses far less Hot Hungarian Peppers than earlier ones that were a bit hot for Mary. But, those used were the full red stage. The other significant change is to 7% brine rather than the 6% in hopes it adds to the crunch level. Another difference is the inclusion of onion. It also has the same level of mustard and celery seed as the first ferment for the pints. The initial tastings were very positive. This could be our favorite.


  • 8+ Cups of loose sweet banana pepper slices sliced 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick
  • 2 thin sliced Hot Wax Hungarian peppers (5″ long) in each quart and a small one (2″ long) in the pint.
  • 4 cups yellow onion chopped into sorta thin slices. Measured in the 4-cup measurer scantly
  • 2 tsp per quart celery seed
  • 2 tsp per quart brown mustard seed
  • brine of 7% saltwater


  1. Mixed the onion into the pepper slices
  2. Put 1 tsp of each of the spices in the empty quart jars and the pint jar
  3. Stuffed in the peppers/onions up to halfway then added one of the Hot Wax in the quarts. Packed it down with the meat mallet handle.
  4. Stuffed in enough sweet bananas/onions to fill the quarts and
    1. added the 2nd hot pepper to the quarts and a
    2. whole 2″ long Hot pepper to the top of the pint.
  5. Poured in a 7% brine until the level did not change.
  6. Put in the glass weight on two of them to keep it below the brine and topped with a white plastic Ball lid. On the other we filled a sandwich baggie with the brine and put a white plastic lid lightly over it.

10/20/2019 – We liked them a lot. They were not hot nor too salty. They were not crispy nor were they soft at all. If anything they might have been a bit tough…or al dente. The onions had a nice level of crunch so the salt level was right for them.

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