BB Ribs Not Wrapped

8/13/2017 – Smoked the rack of ribs–rubbed with Stubbs Hot Pork Rub–over the Butt done at the same time. MES set at 240 and smoke from a combination of pellets from Trafalger Hickory and ChefMasters blend.   Put them

Put them in the smoker about 8 AM. Pulled them at 2:30 PM when passed the bend test and were breaking apart. Wrapped in foil and had one for dinner with the butt. Tender but not falling apart or off the bone.

The thin smoke for the full time gave them a nice color and flavor. Note that the butt below them in the smoker was rubbed with a commercial cajun seasoning that turned out nice–especially from the bark flavor perspective. These ribs might have been influenced by the rising smoke around the cajun seasoning. That is a long shot but next time maybe try ribs rubbed with our creole seasoning.

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