BBQ Chicken with Ribs slow cooked on Recteq

5/5/2024 – We started BB Ribs at 225° and had 6 thighs to smoke/cook as BBQ chicken. Of course, the ribs need to slow cook at 225 but our recent BBQ chicken on the Recteq was done at 275 then finished at 300 to an IT of 185.

So, the alternative plan at lower temperature is to:

  1. season the thighs with Creole Poultry Seasoning
  2. smoke them at 225° to an IT of 125° then sauce them with So-Good+ACV+6POGS on the skin side then let smoke to set the sauce, flipped and sauced the non-skin side,
  3. smoked to 140° and sauce on both sides like step 2.
  4. smoked to 150° and sauce on both sides like step 2.
  5. finished to an IT of 160°.
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