Smoked Ribs and Chicken Thighs

Preface – This was a cook that did not follow Meathead’s advice totally as had to improvise. Should have started the cook before leaving for HEB about 3 PM. Once got back I was in a rush to get it going and, without thinking, poured in 3/4 chimney of briquetts — rather than the prescribed small amount to start the SnS — and lite the newspaper. After they were burning I realized what I had done and decided to make an experiment out of it.20151215 smoked ribs

4pm – When the briquets — 3/4 chimney (way too many) — were about 3/4 lite I poured them into the SnS and tried to move those that were not lite or well lite to the other end and did not add any more. Added a chunk of pecan, closed the kettle to let it warm up. Scraped the grate with a wire brush and put on the slab of ribs that had been cut in half so each half was next to the kettle but not over the coals that filled about half the SnS on one end.

Placed the ChefAlarm by ThermoWorks on the grate–draped in via the dome air vent–and left it for about 20 minutes. It read 240-250 while the dome bi-metal thermo read 310. Checked the grate temp several times during the cook and it stayed in the 240-260 range. Note I also forgot the aluminum foil cover of the lower grate to force the air into the SnS. But, that helped save it from being too hot with the many burning coals. I also closed the lower vent to almost no air.

5:00 pm – added the chicken thighs that had been salt and peppered yesterday.

During this time I assembled my first-ever mix of Meathead’s Memphis Dust rub.

5:30 pm –  Sprayed the thighs and ribs with water from a mister. Sprinkled Memphis Dust evenly over the ribs. Add 10 or so briquettes against the burning pile of coals and also added another pecan chuck. Finally realized I had not filled the slot of the SnS with water so did so.

5:55 pm – Had added 25% apple cider vinegar to Jack Miller “BBQ sauce with a Cajun Accent” bought at Boudreaux’s Cajun Meat Market in West Baton Rouge Parish. Painted it on the thigh’s skin side that was still up. Misted the ribs with water and sprinkled liberally the Memphis Dust on both sides.

6:35 – Remove thighs with internal temp ranging from 150-160, Put into lower oven to keep warm as corn bread is in upper oven.

Thighs were done and moist with smoky flavor but the cajun sauce was not like BBQ sauce. Would not use it again.

9:00 PM – Removed ribs with internal temp at 170-180. Wrapped in foil and put in refrig for tomorrow night.


The next afternoon Mary put the ribs wrapped in aluminum foil into the oven at 200-degrees for 23 hours. They sat in the oven with it off for one hour and were correctly done. They were black on the bone side that had been done during the smoke. But, they did not taste burned. The surface had a good flavor but did not notice any difference due to using the Memphis Dust.

The warmed up thighs were also good.

Observations – Even though I had too many briquettes, forgot to add the water in the SnS until 1.5 hours into the cook, did not have the rub on until into the cook and forgot the alum foil on the lower grate the ribs and thighs turned out good.




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