Beef CSRs on the Weber

Mary got thick beef CSRs at HEB on sale. Rubbed them Friday afternoon with our Beef Rub that is a version of Meathead’s Cow Crust and Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer.

Got Weber kettle going with a 12-14 Kingsford blue bag charcoals lite and when burning added enough charcoals be topped evenly into the SnS with pecan chunks distributed from burn end to the other.

2:00   Placed CSRs on the indirect side that was at 275° per the ChefWorks air probe. At 3:00 it was 275 and still has a thin blue smoke.

4.40   Grate temp has been steady and is at 265°. Wrapped CSRs in foil and put into oven at 300. Looks very dark like the higher temp of 260-270 and steady medium smoke has them done.

6.00   Unwrapped and served with corn that had been grilled quickly. After all but two of the half cobs were warm and starting to show the heat mopped on 3T butter with 1T sriracha sauce.20160821_042801

The beef was not tough but firm, not dry but not moist, with the crust/rub still evident and flavorful to me. Mary was not impressed with the rub. The corn was good and moist despite the dark tips. But, there was no heat or color from the sriracha.  The next day, when cold from the refer the meat crust had a spicy tone from the pepper. The meat was still firm, not dry, but easy to chew. In these photos taken the next morning you can see the slight smoke ring.

Next time smoke at lower temp–maybe 225, baste during the smoke maybe with apple cider vinegar then wrap with a baste. Searing after the wrap could be nice but maybe not worth a new fire for 10 minutes of searing.


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