Beef Shoulder Clod Smoked

Preface – This was a good learning experience and the meat turned out ok but was in too long.

1/21/2017, 11 am – Earlier this morning we bought the 4.54 lb. roast at HEB for $2.27/lb. Trimmed off the hard and thick fat as well as the silver skin. Rubbed in a lot of Jeff’s Texas Rub made with homemade ancho chili powder and granulated garlic instead of generic chili powder and powdered garlic.

Jeff’s TX Rub

1/22/2017, 8:30 AM – Ambient temp is 59 and windy. Loaded clods and a rack of St. Louis style pork ribs into MES that has climbed up to 210 when set at 225. AMNPS full tray is going with’s Perfect Mix made of Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple and Apple. Light thin smoke from top vent but cannot see it through the clean door glass.

9:30 – Raised MES set point to 250. Smoke level in MES window is visible now. Wonder if the AMZNPS jumped troughs????

11:00 – Small piece is at 160 so pulled and wrapped in foil to rest. IT of large piece is 140. Cut in half to check and very red. Returned halves to MES and set Chefworks to alarm at 170.

11:30 – Sliced and ate the larger of the small pieces and it was very good. Still slightly pink in the middle even though it was 160.  Jeff’s Texas rub is noticeable and very good. Nice bark.

11:45 – Noticed no smoke so nuked more pellets, loaded one slot and relit AMZNPS. IT of one half-piece is now 144.

~1:00 PM – Chefalarm went off at 170. Pulled wrapped and let cool on counter. Then into refer for later this week.

Really like Jeff’s Texas Rub!

Went back to HEB and bought three more roasts, while on sale, all about this size; i.e. 4.5 to 5 lbs.

1/24/2017 – Mary reheated the larger of the chunks in the steamer. There was some juice in the foil that had not been reabsorbed. Sliced thin and had it for dinner. It was dry, dense and a bit chewy.

Next time – Should have wrapped it sooner–maybe when the center was very red but still at 140. Could have also had the MES not so high. At the 140 point could have put it into a pan with broth to finish.


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