Beef Shoulder Roast Smoked

Small pieces on the right became dog food

8/20/2017 – This smoke turned out good. Smoked a beef shoulder roast that was vac packed and frozen in mid-January 2017. Thawed it in a cold water bath starting about 6 AM then trimmed silver skin and fat. It fell apart into two pieces that we seasoned with Jeff’s Texas rub about 11 AM (as we did the last time and it was great) and tied it. The large piece likely did not need tieing but the small one definitely did.

12:30 PM – Put them into the MES that was preheated to 260 on the third rack from the top. Smoke was from a mixture of ChefMasters blend pellets (~75%) and Treflager Hickory (~25%). Ambient Temp is 94 and humidity is 53%.

1:30 – MES has settled down at a setpoint of 250 with the grate temp in the 250’s.

3:30 PM

  • The two slots of pellets in the tray had burned out although for the past hour plus the smoke has been heavy like when two rows are burning.  It must have jumped but I let it go as the extra smoke is often good.
  • The MES has been showing a temp of 260+ and the grate temp has been 250-260 for the past couple of hours.
    • Pulled the meat and the IT was 248 in the large piece and 250-255 in the small piece. Wrapped in foil and put in the cold over to rest until dinner.
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