Blackened Catfish and Grits

8/18/2018 – This was an impromptu cook as we had been packing all day getting ready for the move to the farm and our next trip next week. I made the second trip to Home Depot and stopped by Hong Kong on the way home and bought a catfish that they cleaned and filleted. As the cast iron is all packed we cooked them in the large flat Calphalon skillet with the glass lid and that worked well.

The Filets

  1. Melted about 4 Tbs of butter with maybe 1/2 cup of olive oil in the skillet.
  2. Shook on both sides liberally our “Blackening inspired by Paul Prudhomme
  3. Let them saute in the rather deep butter/oil with the temp not to a frying level but hot so they sizzled slowly. Turned several times and, when flaking was easy to see in the centers, we took them out.

The Grits

  1. Prepared 3-minute grits with some salt and 2T butter.
  2. When they were done, we shook on a layer of grated pepper jack cheese, stirred it in gently, then a second layer and stirred it in.

Served the filet next to the grits with a drizzle of the dark, spicy butter/oil from the skillet on the grits. The meal was very good, rich but not heavy, and not very spicy. The grits did a nice job of dampening what heat remained after the hot butter/oil.

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