Blackening Seasoning etal by Chef JJ

Chef JJ at SMF shared his blackening seasoning mix then cited mods for: tasso; pork rub and; poultry rub. Recipe cited here includes my tweak to include white pepper to give it the three peppers common in good Louisiana cooking.

4T Kosher Salt –  Leave this out to use as a Tasso Rub
4T Black Pepper
4T White Pepper
4T Paprika
4T Gran Garlic
4T Gran Onion
4T Mustard Ground
2 tsp Dry Thyme
2 tsp Dry Oregano
2 tsp Cayenne Pepper

He said to add 1 cup “Raw Sugar along with the salt and you got a great Pork and Poultry Rub”.

2/12/2017 – Mary used this with only half the salt to make blackened catfish.  Milder than usual; not spicy but with a lot of flavor. Mary thought I had a bit too much oil in the big CI skillet and that might have washed some off. The oil was maybe a 1/16″ deep. When the pan was lifted on one side the oil on the other was halfway up the fillets. Could try a tablespoon of Cayenne.

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