Boston Pork Butt smoked on 10/10/2014

Sliced fat side (max 1/2″ thick) down to meat and rubbed in a lot of Stubbs Hot Pork Rub. On other side lathered with yellow mustard and smeared on a lot of rub. Sat out for about an hour then into Weber kettle.

Smoked with pecan wood chucks with Weber dual smoking basked half full of burning brickets on one end and un-lite brickets in the other end. Quickly came up to 300 degrees and I forgot to reduce the bottom air baffle. Smoked for about 4 hours then  wrapped in aluminum foil and put in convection over at 225 for 2.5 hours.

Did not have pan with water under butt.

After time in the oven the bone was protruding about a 1/2″ and it was tender but not pull-apart tender. Good flavor.

Next Time:

  • Try with only 1 of the Weber smoking trays and add brickets. Also adjust air baffle.
  • Slather yellow mustard into knife slashes and make the slashes two ways to create diamonds in the fat.
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