Brisket–First one in years


This cook went well following advice from the SMF’s post titled “Let’s Talk Brisket” and competition trimmed. In particular:

  • trimmed all fat off other than the 1/4″ on the flat to allow seasoning and smoke to reach the meat. See Next Time below;
  • seasoned simply so we used Jeff’s Texas Rub;
  • the meat is done when it passes the poke test with a tooth pick or probe;
    smoke at 225-250;
  • smoked the flat–with 1/4″ fat–with fat up as the kettle with SNS presents the heat from the side and reflected down from the dome.

The point chunk and 1/2 the Flat.

Bought a 14.64 lb. Packer Brisket. Trimmed all fat except 1/4″ on the best part of the flat. The other half of the flat will be corned as my 3rd corning.

6:45 AM – Put the 1/2 flat and the thick part of the point on the Weber Kettle with the SNS with Kingsford Blue and pecan chuncks. Did NOT have water in the slot of the SNS. Ambient temp is 50 degrees.
7:15 – Temp per Thermoworks air probe is 231.
8:15 – Temp is 225.
10:30 – Air probe trep is 240.
11:00 – Air probe says 252 with and IT of 219 in the clod and 221 in the flat.
11:35 – Air probe says 205. Had trouble with the SnS almost going out twice this cook.
12:30 – Air probe says 243 and IT of the flat is 160
1:00 – Pulled briskey with an IT of the flat at 171 and the clod at 167. Put into convection oven set at 300. Installed Thermoworks meat probe in the flat and set alarm for 205.
2:05 – Alarm sounded and chunk’s IT is 205 and the probe test felt “like a hot knife piercing butter”. Flat’s IT is 202 and the probe does not push in easily. Put chunk into the Igloo cooler with towel.
3:45 – Pulled flat as the probe poke test was smooth and the IT is 210.

Rested until 5:30 then sliced flat for dinner. Very moist and sitting in pool of wonderful jus in both foil pouches. The flat could have been more tender and the meat

The Point chunk-24 hrs later warmed in steamer

should have stayed in the oven until the probe pushed in like a knife in butter. It was not that smooth.


Next Time – Score 1/4″ fat cap in diamonds and rub in seasoning. Be sure the probe goes in like a warm knife in warm butter before pulling.

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