Brisket Trimmed & Smoked

10/28/2017 – Bought a 10.9 lb. brisket for $1.69/lb. Trimmed the fat and separated the flat from the point. Rubbed them with 3POGS and Jeff’s Texas Rub.

10:00 AM – Put into the MES that had been preheated to 250 with Amazen tray loaded with 1/3 ChefMasters Perfect Mix and 2/3 Trafalger hickory. Had moved the MES to under the breezeway as we will be at Piper’s soccer game for a few hours.

2:00 – IT of both is in the 140s

5:30 – IT of the thin flat was 205 so wrapped to rest then ate a great piece of meat.  Wrapped the point that was at 180 in foil with more Jeff’s Tex rub and ACL in the foil. Put into the oven set at 300 with the alarm set at 200.

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