Cajun Lobster and Shrimp

3/15/2017 – Mary had bought 4 small lobster tails today for less that $4 each and we agreed we wanted to try boiling them cajun style; i.e. like spicy shrimp boil. They turned out very good even though she has said she does not like the typical lobster. 

Split the back of the shell on the four tails using kitchen shears so the seasoned boil would get to the meat. Pulled the shell back to open them up.

Created the boil in my old large aluminum pot with water about 5″ deep and about 1.5″ over the tails. Brought it to a boil as we added a lot of the ______ HOT Shrimp Boil bought in Bayou la Batre. Mary added:

  • 5 lemons cut in half and squeezed in the water
  • 7-8 red potatoes
  • garlic
  • Onion and brought to a boil then simmered for about one-half hour.

Remove the cooked potatoes and brought it back to a hard boil. Dropped in the tails and after 8 minutes–in the water that returned to boil quickly–pulled then as they looked done.  The meat, as seen through the opened shells, looked white and beginning to flake.

Added one pound of headless shrimp with split shells that we had bought in Kemah and vac packed. They looked like fresh shrimp due to the vac packing. They floated within 3 minutes or so, so pulled.

The lobster meat pulled out of the shells easily and was tender. Wish I had removed one from the boil at 7 minutes to see if it would be done and more tender. The shrimp were also slightly crunchy and tasted good. Served with our shrimp cocktail sauce.

Next Time  – The recipe we sorta followed is below. Note the instructions about boiling only 5 minutes after it returns to a boil then soaking. My 8 minutes included returning to a boil so likely about the same. If we did 5 minutes after returning to boil and then soaked for 15 minutes they would have been way overcooked unless had added ice cubes to cool down. But, ice cubes dilute the brew so could try a frozen milk jug.

Cajun Lobster
6 oz liquid crab boil (Zataran’s Garlic & Onion if available)
2 seasoning socks of Zataran’s Crab Boil —  (if you cannot find this, add 2 cups celery and six bay leaves, it will not be as good, but….)
2 large yellow onions quartered
3 lemons, quartered
1/2 box salt
3 heads garlic
1 lb butter
1 tsp garlic powder
liquid hickory smoke flavoring
2 – 4 Lobsters (one to one and a half pound — smaller the better)
cayenne pepper to taste (unless you love hot food, please experiment carefully)
“Add liquid crab boil, seasoning socks, onions, lemons, salt, garlic, and cayenne pepper to pot of boiling water.  (Hint:  in your stock pot, place lobsters in before cooking and add enough water to cover.  Remove lobsters and begin adding your seasoning.)  Boil mixture for 15 minutes.  Add lobsters and begin timing as soon as it begins boiling again.  Boil five minutes (NO MORE!!! THE LOBSTERS WILL BE TOUGH).  Turn off the fire and allow lobsters to rest in water for 15 minutes.”
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