Canadian Bacon – 1st time

The meat turned out like ham and had a good flavor. Need to cure in spices and smoke cooler and longer.

11/3/16, Thursday, 7 PM – Cut half off 10.1 lb loin and then into a 2 lb 5 oz piece and a 2 lb 4 oz piece. On each piece dusted on with a shaker the mixture of 2T+1t spoon Tender Qquick (TQ) with same amount of turbinado sugar [only brown sugar we had]. Amount of TQ recommended by Morton is 1T per pound.

After cure has consistent red color.

After cure has consistent red color.

Then into 1 gal ziplocks, squeezed out the air, and into refer for 7 days. The 7 days comes from 1 day per 1/2″ plus 2 days. Loin measures 2″ thick along thin axis. Therefore, 4D plus 2D = 6D minimum, so say 7D.

11/12/2016 – Removed from zip lock and rinsed. Fried test slice from the center and it was not salty but not unsalted. Also no flavor so sprinkled liverally with CBP.

3:30 – Inserted into MES during cook for Pork Butt. Grate temp per ChefAlarm is 220 but box set at 260.

6:45 – Removed from MES and let cool. Put into refer.

After 4 hours in hickory smoke

After 4 hours in hickory smoke

Next day sliced and tasted. Firm like pork loin but not dry and has a ham-like taste. The CBP adds a bit of spice to the bark but not too much.

Following Bear’s cook here. But, my version was the same as DirtSailor’s who says “I coat it with just CBP, you can use mustard as a binder, so it sticks better. Smoke at 225 until IT of 140, then rest on counter for an hour or so until it cools down. Refrigerate overnight & slice…”

Next time try Steve Raichelin’s methods here.

11/24/16 – Sliced off 1/4′ thick and heated in the skillet before frying eggs. Tasted like ham only more firm. Pepper crust was a tad spicy but not hot spicy.  Ok but based on this use it is not worth the trouble.

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