Caribbean Cole Slaw Our Way

This version of coleslaw was great with the chicken thighs cut into thirds that we smoked with jerk seasoning. It was inspired by a Caribbean slaw recipe at the Killer Hogs BBQ site. The meal with the thighs and cornbread-with-sausage was great.

1/3  Small head red cabbage
1/2  Medium green cabbage
3     Carrots – average size – shredded
1     Mango – chopped
1/2  Red onion – thinly sliced
3     Green onions (green and white) – thinly sliced
2     Serrano peppers – finely diced and the seeds removed. The original recipe called for Habaneros.

1/2  Cup red wine vinegar
4     Tbl pecan oil
4     Tbl dijon mustard
2     Tbl honey

Salt and Pepper to taste

This was really good. Did not use all the dressing–only until it looked very moist. We put it into the refer about 45 minutes before serving.
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