Carrot & Lemon-Dill Sauerkraut, Exp. No. 1

10/16/2019 – We like the last Lemon-Dill Kraut No. 5 with twice the lemon of the original recipe. We also like carrot in kraut so decided to combine the two styles and see how it turns out. We had two larger cabbages and so we made both with the ingredients below. We cut the cabbage and grated the carrots with the food processor. 11/1/2019 – Our first sampling was at room temperature and we liked it. 11/12/2019 – Still good. Will make more. 12/7/2019 – We miss the crunchiness that is likely due to the smaller machine cut. The lemon is not noticeable. It also has a dark tone and the flavor is a little off. Need to adjust something.

Dried dill at 1 gm per 400 gm cabbage+carrot9.4grams
1.7% salt of cabbage+carrot63.6grams
Lemon juice, fresh – 1 tbsp per 450 gms cabbage+carrot8.3tbsp
Carrot – less than 25% that is well below the 3:1 ratio700grams

These 3,743 grams filled 2 half-gallon jars and 1 one-quart jar comfortably leaving room for the glass weight with brine. So, 3,743/5 quarts = about 750 gm/qt.

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