Chicken Legs Smoked at Sundown – Dec 31, 2015

During the 12/31/15 smoking of a pork butt at the farm I added chicken legs that had been salted and peppered with poultry seasoning on the skin side. They were positioned over the roast on a higher grill. By that time the charcoal was burned out and all that was burning was the small diameter (1.5-2”) pecan logs with their thin bark on a bed of coals and ash from earlier logs.

As noted in the entry for the pork butt the temp bounced early in that cook but during the chicken’s time it stayed above 220 but not over 250. There was always a good smoke stream from the top vent and the door that leaked too much.

When the internal temp with a bi-metal quick ready pocket thermometer read 140-150 I took them off and wrapped in aluminum foil.

I was concerned for too much smoke due to Meathead’s comments about that with poultry but found they had an identical smell and great taste of commercial, festival like, turkey legs. The color of the cooked leg was very dark brown with a few almost black areas–but no burned taste. The meat had the same red tint and firmness of the turkey legs. They were definitely not over smoked.


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