Chicken Smoked on the RecTec

Thawed a 10 lb. bag of leg quarters in late morning Trimmed away the extra skin and fat and cut the legs from the thighs. Dry brined and seasoned with Creole Poultry Seasoning for about an hour.

Set the RecTec’s PID to Extreme Smoke with the RT’s Ultimate Blend all-natural food-grade Red Oak, White Oak, and Hickory hardwood pellets.

2:30 PM – The ambient temperature was 79°. RT is about 175° with lots of smoke so put in the legs and thighs with a temp probe in the largest thigh. IT of the thigh was 52° after sitting out trimming, dry brining, and seasoning for about an hour. Let them get lots of smoke for 30 minutes.

3:00 PM – Raised the setpoint to 325° and set the probe to 175°. IT of the thigh is 176°.

About 4:00 PM – Probe says thigh is at 177°. Tested the thighs and legs with the Thermowork’s Chefworks and found them to be from 170 to 185°. Pulled them and put them into the inside oven at room temp to rest.

Overall time in the RT smoke was about 90 minutes.

The thighs and the leg were very moist and had a light smoke flavor but not much if any more than the first smoke when they were not begun with Extreme Smoke.

Next time do the ES for 45 minutes and rub the pieces with olive oil before applying seasoning in hopes the oil increases the smokiness.

Coincidentally, the RecTec recipe for smoked legs is almost exactly what was done above but included the olive oil in the rub sequence.

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