Smoked Chicken Thighs with Frank’s RedHot Sauce

This turned out good and has a lot of potential. It was not very spicy but had the good undertones of Frank’s Hot sauce. Next time try some with 5POGS instead of Creole Seasoning.

4/14/2018 – Made like Jeff’s Smoked Chicken Wings but with trimmed and sectioned thighs. Cut the thighs into thirds for the large ones and halves for the smaller leaving the bone in. They were flavorful and the citrus tone came through but they were not at all spicy hot. The thighs, with blue cheese dressing, were great. Well worth trying again.

7:00 AM – Poured the Franks sauce on them and mixed well with my hands. Laid out and shook on some salt to dry brine then Kit’s Creole Seasoning. Rinsed the Franks off four pieces and shook on Baby Bam for the girls. Covered and put back in the refer to marinate.

3:30 PM – Preheated MES set at 250 with smoke from the Amazen Tray with pecan pellets was ready and inserted the thigh pieces on the top two racks.

5:30 – A large piece had an internal temperature of 175°F so pulled and covered to rest. Should not have let it get past 165.

We had this with the Caribbean coleslaw made to go with the jerk pork tenderloin made this date.

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