Smoked Chicken Thighs with SnS after turkey

  1. 11/22/2015, 5:35 pm – Placed eight thighs on the grill where turkey had just been removed. See that journal entry for how the kettle was set up. The thighs had been sitting out for maybe a hour. Had steady stream of blue smoke. Placed meat on skin-side up.
  2. 20151122_1909386:30 pm – thighs were at about 150. Painted on a blend of Stubb’s Original, apple cider vinegar and Kraft’s BBQ sauce.
  3. 6:45 – Dome thermo was reading 320. Re-painted skin side and turned thighs over to skin-side down. Turned them over and painted the bottom side—now turned up—with BBQ sauce blend.
  4. 7:00 pm; 1 hour, 25 minutes – Removed from the smoker, and range of temps was from 155 to 170. A large thigh was at 160 with the probe hard against the bone. Covered them with foil to cool before going into the frig for great (I hope) leftovers; as we had the smoked turkey for dinner this date.
  5. The Next Evening – Mary warmed several in aluminum foil for dinner. They were GREAT. The meat was reddish from the smoke and the skin passed the “bite through” test. Nice smokey BBQ sauce flavor without being drippy.
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