Chicken Thighs with TQ then Smoked with Mesquite Dust

This cook was a fiasco as the dust burned up in the too hot MES (for dust) and then they were very salty.

About 2 PM, Saturday, 8/6/15 – Thawed eight thighs in the refer. Trimmed skin/fat and rendered it for later. Dumped them into the small Briner we bought today at Allied-Kinkos with TQ per the package; i.e. 1/4 C TQ in 1 Qt water that had been cooled with ice cubes. Once all dissolved poured it over the trimmed thighs in the Briner and put in the refer to smoke tomorrow.

Sunday, 8/7/2016

Rinsed thighs and dried with paper towels. Sprayed with PAM and rubbed with Cajun Seasoning.

Preheated MES to 225. Dried mesquite dust in microwave for 1 minute 3 times. Put into two channels of AMAXN tray and lite with torch. Did not get going easily but finally seemed to have a small plume. Inserted into MES when it was about 195. After 15 minutes or so did not see slight TBS so opened and applied torch till it flamed some.

3:15 PM – Added thighs to third rack from top. Some smoke in box.

3:40 – Still do not have noticeable smoke from vent so opened and hit it with torch again until it flamed.

4:30 – Reached IT of 140.

4:40 – Had gas grill hot so moved it at 142 to skin side down and the lite brown skin turned grill-brown and blackened spots quickly. Kept rotating them to skin side then the other side to keep from burning as flamed up easily.

4:45 – Pulled them to cookie sheet then into the room temp oven under an alum sheet to rest until dinner.

5:30 – Found them very salty. There was the pink tone through the meat but nothing special other than heavy salt.

Monday – Mary used the salty chicken in a salad with celery, bell pepper, red onion, lemon juice, Champagne vinegar and sour cream.

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