Corn Bread by Kelley

This was a light fluffy bread with some spiciness and an almost creamy texture made interesting by the whole-kernel corn.

2   boxes of corn muffin mix per the box directions.
Half & Half – enough to make it the right consistency
2  eggs
1  chopped pickled jalapeno
1C  sharp cheddar cheese grated fresh; i.e  not the pre-grated stuff
1  can of whole kernel yellow corn, drained
2 strips of Applewood thick-sliced smoked bacon.  Crumbled with half in batter and half sprinkled on top of the batter in skillet.

Mixed and  let sit in the bowl for about 30 minutes. Poured into the warm 10″ cast iron skillet with some bacon grease left and the bits from the frying. Then into a convection oven on bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes and until a tooth pick came out clean from the deep center.

The final product was very high in the center and very moist. A 12″ skillet would have made a flatter less mountainous bread.

Afterwards she said she wished she had added chopped green onions.  [I do not know why we were not worth that small extra effort.  🙂 ]

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