Country-Style Pork Ribs on Recteq

3/21/2022 – These “ribs” turned out good although they should not have been in the oven for so long-and perhaps not at all. See conclusion below.

  1. Trimmed the heavy fat from the large tray of “ribs”.
  2. Added salt to both sides to dry brine and 6POGS to season one side and black pepper to the other side as the shaker ran out of 6POGS.
  3. Preheated the Recteq to Xtreme Smoke.
  4. Smoked the “ribs” for 45 minutes.
  5. Turned up the temp to 270° and smoked for 2 hrs 45 minutes.
  6. 2:30 PM – Moved the ribs to the large roaster that was lined with aluminum foil. Painted them with SoGood + ACV and sprinkled more 6 POGS lightly on top. Covered well with foil and put into the convection oven set to 270°
  7. Went to Mobile Airport to pick up Mary coming back from Spring Break in Houston.
  8. About 4:45 PM, 2.25 hours later removed them and let them rest for an hour or so until we were ready to eat. They were very lean and tender but a bit overcooked.

Conclusion – The smoke times produced a great smoky red-toned meat that was falling apart as it was lifted off the grill into the roaster. That was likely when they should have been eaten and not put them into the oven. Likely, they would have been moister if they had dry brined longer than 30 minutes.

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