Country-Style Pork “Ribs” Smoked To Done

1/17/2023 – This was a quicky smoke that turned out well. Smoked 8 country-style pork ribs that were still cold but salted to dry brine on one side and Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub on two sides. The rub was not on the other two sides. They were smoked until the IT was 195° based on one of the RecTeq probes inserted into one of the thicker ribs and near a bone. [Yes, these on-sale ribs from Rouces’ had a few bones.]

  1. Set the Recteq to preheat to 250°.
  2. Removed them from the refrigerator and dry brined on one side. Then shook on Stubb’s on that side and the opposite side.
  3. Smoked them for three hours then basted them with 1.5 cups of 50/50 ACV and 1.5 cups of So Good BBQ sauce with maybe a tablespoon of Stubbs.
  4. Continued to smoke for the final hour with halfway in again basting with the blend. Pulled at IT=195°
  5. Took inside and basted them one final time then put another baking pan over them to let them rest.

They were a bit tough although the flavor was ok.

Should have:

  • dry brined overnight
  • wrapped in foil at 3 hours pouring the baste into the bottom of the foil.
  • Jeff’s time/temp table says for Country Style Ribs smoke 4 hrs at 225 to an IT of 185. The lower smoke temp and IT would have made a made them less tough.

Note that the hot pork rub was only on two of the four sides. They still had flavor but more in line with what folks from around here would like. But, they are going to have to grow up.

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