Country-Style Pork “Ribs” Tweaked Again

6/11/2023 – Bought a tray of “ribs” at Rouses (on sale of course) yesterday. Salted to dry brine and shook on a moderate amount of 6POGS on opposite sides then rubbed them to get some on the other two sides. Put them back on the styrofoam tray, wrapped in clear food wrap, and into the refrigerator overnight. This cook is building on the ideas and lessons learned in our earlier post here.

  • 1:30 PM – Pull them after about a 24-hour dry-brine to “get the chill off”. Started preheating the Recteq to 225° with Master Blend Pellets.
  • 2 PM – Put them on the smoker
    • 3:30 PM – IT was 160°.
  • 4 PM – Basted them with 1.5 cups of ACV and 1.5 cups of So Good BBQ sauce with a tablespoon of 6POGS.
  • Pulled at 3 hrs
  • Wrapped in foil after basting in ACV/SoGood at ½ cup each plus 1 tbsp of 6POGS painted on then poured over them before wrapping them snuggly.
  • Continued the cook in the convection oven at 250° until 6:30 PM.
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