Country Style Ribs, Smoked, Wrapper and Roasted

Standard cook that turned out good as usual.

10/8/2016 – Mary bought a large package of six large CSRs on sale. We rubbed in Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub and let it rest for 6 hours or so. Prep’ed two 1/4 pans with grids to each hold four CSRs and put into the MES on the 2nd and 3rd rack.

11:00 AM – MES was set at 230 and the air probe in the left front area on the third rack down read in the 215-220 range. Smoke was from Trafelger’s Hickory Pellets in the Amazn tray with one slot filled. This was the second time I preheated the pellets in the microwave twice for two minutes to remove moisture. It lite and burned great.

4:00 PM – 5 hours of smoke – Moved to roasting pan, poured/painted on Stubbs BBQ Sauce then covered with foil and into convection oven set at 275. Checked them with a fork to see in tender.

~7:00 – The meat breaks open easily with a fork so pulled them to cool. Put them in a plastic container and poured in the liquid.



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