CSRs and Drum Sticks with dbl smoke

8/5/2017 – This was a simple smoke for lunches and dinners. Used 6 large chicken drum sticks and a package of CSRs. Mary had salted and peppered the drums 2 hours before then I added store bought cajun seasoning to all. The CSRs rested in the seasoning for about an hour. Smoked in the MES with both ends of the tray smoking with Lumberjack pecan pellets. Finished in the oven. Burning both ends of the Amazen tray with small pieces of meat did not work.

12:45 PM – Put into preheated MES with the tray. MES is set at 240.

2:00 – Found heavy white smoke but MES is off. Extension cord plug had come out a little.

4:00 – Pulled all with chicken at 255-260 and CSRs at 250. Put CSRs into convection oven wrapped in foil with Stubbs sauce diluted with ACV.

~6:00 – Removed CSRs from the oven when the IT was 200. Found that a lot of aus jus had leaked out of the foil and dried on the baking pan.

We had the CSRs for dinner. The ribs were tender but not falling a part. There was little fat as it must have all cooked out. The color was almost black likely due to the heavier smoke. There was almost a sooty taste. They tasted fine but could have been better.

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