Daikon Radish Kimchi No. 2

Update-Mary would not taste it or No. 1 and I did not like the taste of either. In addition, the Gochugaru seemed to upset my stomach. This recipe is very close to our first kimchi ferment. The amounts of the ingredients are slightly different and come from a spreadsheet in DropBox/Cooking. The ginger was bumped up and two levels of Gochugaru were made as an experiment.

Daikon Radish – Chopped 1/2″ cubes80700
5 green onions – Sliced into 1″ long diagonal pieces1096
1″ knob of ginger – Chopped into 1/8″+ pieces27
7 garlic cloves – Chopped into 1/8″+ pieces 433
1/4 cup gochugaru430
Curing Salt5%
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