Dutch Oven No. 12

We bought this DO in an antique shop in Ponchatoula Louisiana about 2002.

  • The lid’s handle is tapered from large (with a button) on one side to smaller on the other.
  • There are self-basting nipples in a evenly spaced grid pattern and extended lips on both sides to cover the two pour spouts.
  • Marks on the bottom are:




The Cast Iron Collector says:

Birmingham Stove & Range Co. – Birmingham, AL
–    If heat ring, unbroken and inset. — [Yes]
–    Lids have pour spout “ears”, even those supplied with dutch ovens. [Yes]


Lodge Manufacturing Co. – South Pittsburg, TN

–    ¾” high size number at 12 o’clock  [Yes]
–    Lids have grid of pointed tips for basting drippers. [Yes]

– Inset heat ring with 3 notches at 9/12/3 o’clock. — [No, the heat ring is not broken]
– Later, letters denoting pan type, e.g. “SK” skillet, “DO” dutch oven [Yes]
Lids have grid of pointed tips for basting drippers, size number and diameter or pan capacity incised on underside [Yes]

After ca. 1960
“Made In USA” added at center [Yes]

I conclude it is a 1930’s Lodge based on:

  • the grid pattern of the basting nipples
  • the size and position of the size of the  CO
  • The “DO” below the size
  • the MADE IN USA in the center
  • the bottom looks just like the bottom of the skillet linked to the Lodge After ca. 1960 category.
  • BUT – The lid has the pour spout ears…???
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