Enterprise No. 10 Meat Grinder

Won on Ebay April 07, 2013 for only $9.99 plus shipping of $16.09.  Seller was cwdchk, cwdchk23707@yahoo.com, in Portsmouth, Virginia. The auction was over on a Sunday afternoon at 6:30 pm and I guess no one was paying attention. I was also the only bidder.  Coincidental that today we ground our first meat and made sausage for the first time and them won this larger grinder for only $9.99.

I asked the seller for info on the history of the grinder and he responded: ” I bought it at an estate auction many years ago cause I like antiques and have had my own shops in the past for which I still have boxes and boxes of inventory.”

Enterprise 10 grinder left Enterprise 10 grinder front Enterprise 10 grinder right Enterprise 10 grinder parts

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