Amazen Tray and Tube

Advice for the Tray

From Todd Johnson in a SMF post reply

Pellets put out more smoke than sawdust, but put out a little more heat.  Not a big deal with salmon, but you want to keep temps down when smoking cheese.  You should only need to light one side of the AMNPS with sawdust or pellets

Pellets – Use a propane torch to light the pellets thru the starter hole for about 45 seconds.  A butane torch can be used, but you’ll need to hold it on the pellets longer.  Follow the instructions and make sure you keep the flame burning for at least 5 minutes. before you blow it out.  You need a good bed of coals to keep it going.

Sawdust – Fill the rows 3/4 to full. Light with a Butane Torch or Propane Torch for about 45 seconds, until the sawdust is burning like the end of a cigar.  Allow the AMNPS to burn outside your smoker for a few minutes, to make sure the sawdust is smoldering.

In your MES

  • Pull out the chip pan approx. 1 1/2″
  • Pull out the chip loader about 1/4 way. Use this as your intake draft control.
  • Exhaust vent wide open.
  • Place AMNPS on the rails to the left of the chip pan housing on the lowest rack.
  • Water pan installed with no water
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