Erie Muffin Pan No. 10 Aluminum

Erie Muffin Pan No. 10 Aluminum, Pattern 949. Won on Ebay for $19.49 plus shipping for $5.50. Seller: mary vaughn; Seller; tessiep2; Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Seller said in the Ebay ad:  “This item found at an Estate along the Rio Grande There were four old Adobe homes on the property that had been in the family for Five Generations Three of the four had not been lived in or occupied since the early 1970’s”   See email from seller below for more background.

Erie Muffin Pan Spooky Erie lable Erie Muffin Pan top Erie Muffin Pan bottom

Once I was the winner I wrote to her asking for more info. Her three responses and photos are as follows.

Dear sundownfarms,

If you have google maps enter El Pinto Restaurant AlbuquerqueERIE alum muffin pan adobe location map and that will get you really close to the property. El Pinto is an old hacienda converted to a restuarant. That area is very old farm land. As these old homesteads are selling off they are being torn down and replaced with  more modern homes and commercial property. Tis a shame. The property your pan came from is on the  opposite side of the street. 4th street. There were three homes and some out buildings. I don’t  remember the family name, but the family owner at the time said his dad passed away in the 70’s and his sister lived in one of the homes. All in terrible repair. Roof fell in on one. I do know the property is for sale through Exit realty. Perhaps once I go to the post office to mail your pan today, I will take a drive and send you some pictures.

Also forgot to mention the dad that passed in the 70’s was fifth generation on the property. Pretty typical on these properties to have several homes. As the men in the family married, they would build another home for them and family to continue to work the land.

Took a run out to the property. Was mistaken…there are four homes on the property. Pretty well fenced in so I took these from the street. As you can see VERY run Down. The “Main” house had small door ways and lots of carvings on the Vigas. Second picture, that home had dirt floors and a caved in roof. Very sad. Seems the final heir has no money or interest in the property. Just wants to cash out. For sure a developer will purchase and use for commercial property. Nice old family compound will be forgotten very soon. Hope this helps!

Erie muffin pan home5 Erie muffin pan home2 Erie muffin pan home3



























The pan made great cornbread muffins.


Our first use of this pan.

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