Fermented Daikon Radish

12/31/2019 – Made this minutes after pulling the radishes in the garden. Tasted several pieces and found them very spicy. This jar was made without them being peeled.

1/14/2020 – Opened the jar and found it had a funky smell. Removed one of the spears and the smell was still funky. Tasted a small piece enough to crunch it and the taste was off. Spit it out and threw it all away. The spears did seem to have a good crunch so the salt content must be ok.

  1. Washed them with the hose outside, cut off the tips and greens.
  2. Inside, scrubbed them with the rough side of a sponge. Cut them into 3/8″ thick, 3-sided spears
  3. Emptied a quart bottle that had a little bit of Pepperoncini and saved some of the brine. Did not rinsed out the jar. [Maybe this is why it went bad.]
  4. Packed them into the quart jar leaving about 1″ headspace.
  5. Put in about 1-2 tablespoons of the saved brine. Fill the jar with fresh 6% brine made with canning salt and well water.
  6. Added a glass weight and a plastic fermenting lid with a metal ring.

Peeled off the outer layer as shown by Maggie this past weekend and found she was right. The inner core was sweeter and not at all spicy. A piece without the outer layer peeled off, that was next to the part that was peeled, was spicy. Quite a contrast.

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