Fermented Green Onions & Carrots

4/25/2019 – This ferment was inspired by various recipes but not anyone in particular. The important item was the recommendation for the salt to be 2%-3%. It turned out very good with the carrots crunchy and the white parts of the multiplying onions a firm and nothing mushy. The green parts of the onions were about 1/2″ long and were a bit chewy.


  • 2 parts green onion (used multiplying onions from our garden) to roughly 1 part carrot.
  • 3 medium cloves of garlic crushed to release their flavors
  • Canning salt


  1. Placed chopped vegetables in two 1-qt mason jars leaving 1.5 ” of headspace.
  2. Mixed salt at 3% into our well water and poured it into the filled jars.
  3. Put on the canning lids and left on the counter.
  4. 5/1/2019 – 6 days later it is still making gas. The contents settled about 1/3 due to the onions collapsing.

5/5/2019 – Made a second batch like the first one as Mary especially liked the crunchy carrots and firm onions.

On 5/17 we tried one jar and still like it. The onion greens still had no body and do not really add anything other than color.

2nd Batch – The leftmost and center jars on Day 1
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