Fermented Tomatillo Salsa

11/11/2017 – Inspired by the recipe here.  The recipe called for 1 lb of tomatillos but I had more so prorated the other ingredients to the values cited below. After 8 days this was a great, very mild but flavorful, dipping salsa. Would be great on fish tacos, enchiladas or eggs. The final half of the jar stayed in the refer for two months and was found to be almost mushy and a bit salty. Need to eat it sooner.


1 lb. 5 oz. tomatillos

Cilantro & Jalapenos

2/3 medium onion
1 large jalapeno pepper
~1+ cup fresh cilantro
1+ T lime juice
5 small cloves garlic
2% brine made with Morton canning salt

Prepared the tomatillos and they weighed 1 lb 5 oz. So, increased the other quantities by 1/3 more than the original recipe. The overall weight was 888 gms. Weighted 2t of salt (estimating that 2t is 1.33 times the 1/2 T called for in the original recipe). Added 17 gm of salt to the 888 gms of ingredients for a 2% salt concentration as the amount in the recipe just did not look like enough. Perhaps it used table salt.
Yielded 4 cups and filled a quart mason jar.
Chopped everything into 3/4-1″ size chunks. Next time chopped the tomatillos smaller to flow into the blender blade better.
  • Chopped in the super blender only enough so that some chunky pieces remained.
  • Placed ingredients into a mason jar with an airlock lid on top and glass weight holding it below the brine that had already formed enough to cover the mixture.
  • wait 7-14 days and enjoy.
  • 11/19/2017, 8 days later – Tried it with chips as a dip with Kelley. Not hot at all but a great flavor. We ate half the jar. Try 2-3 serrano peppers in a quart or about 1.25 pounds of tomatillos that made this quart.

    1/7/2018 – The bottom third of the quart jar has been in the refer and today was sampled and the final spoonfuls used in lunches for next week. It was fairly mushy but not a lot and a bit salty. The tomatillos and onions dominated the taste profile.

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