Fermented Tomato Salsa

12/4/2017 –  First-ever fermented tomato salsa. This was a total fail as everything was mushy. It has promise if more salt will keep at least some of the ingredients firm.

Missing the Onion & the third Serrano

1 medium onion
1 medium pablano pepper
Juice of 1 lime
5 vine ripened tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
3 medium serrano peppers
Handful of fresh cilantro
2% kosher salt for the 1183 gm of the above that is 23 gm of salt.

  1. Chop the onion, green pepper, cilantro, and tomatoes
  2. Mince the garlic and serranos.
  3. Mix all of the ingredients together including the salt.
  4. Placed in a 1/2 gallon mason jar packing down with the handle to the metal meat tenderizer to release some of the liquid. Placed the Easy Fermenter glass weight
  5. If required add water to ensure salsa is covered.
  6. Placed Easy Fermenter Lid and allow to ferment for 2-3 days.

12/12/2017 – 8 days of fermentation – Flavor was ok as not salty and had a little heat but tomatoes were mush and all other veggies were soft. Definitely needed more salt. Surprising that three serranos did not create more heat.

Next time see https://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2008/09/cultered-or-lacto-fermented-salsa.html

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