First Salmon in the MES40

May 12, 2016 – Mary bought a farm raised fillet at HEB. I rubbed with APL’s Four Seasons plus black pepper. Pre-warmed the MES set at 250° and added apple chips to the tray before starting. With the element on for a long time to pre-warm there was a good smoke from the vent. Temp rose to 285° but fell to 265 when I opened the door to insert the fillet. Put the fillet on the second grate from the top, sprayed with Pam, skin side on the grate.

15-20 minutes later it was down to 250. Smoke level had also fallen. Could smell it but could not see anything in the window. The element has not been on for 30 minutes or so.

About 30 minutes later there is no evidence of smoke so put apple chips in the AMZNTS with foil spacers and lite with torch. Good smoke, not too heavy, for a while but then not obvious from vent or visible in the window. Opened and saw there was smoldering chips in the tube so closed it. The chips in the tube do not seem to burn consistently likely due to them being different sizes and so the air spaces are different.

After an hour the meat looks smoked but was not flaky when I touched it in the thick part. Raised the set temp to 270°. The air probe on the grate has been reading about 15 degrees less than the MES.

After 30 minutes more it was somewhat flaky but seemed too moist. Turned it off and left the fillet to dry and get a little more smokey although that is not too likely with it off.

About and hour later pulled it and it was great. As it was skin side to the grate it slide of easily with a long spatula onto a baking sheet. Still moist inside but had a slight crust. Will eat tomorrow night.

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