Fresh Turkey Brined, Smoked in Kettle

11/18/2017 – First time to brine a fresh bird in the larger Briner bucket with Chef JJ’s Family Favorite Brine. Had good pecan smoke with temps in the 300’s. Turned out fine with, very moist even in the parts that were more none than others. Bones were a bit red but meat was done.

9:30 Am – Put the trimmed bird in the Briner and added enough water to cover. Removed bird and added spices below. Added ice to chill the water. After about 15 minutes put in the bird.

The recipe below is popular and Wade in the UK uses it commercially…JJ

1/2C Kosher Salt – Had maybe 2 gallons of water so used a heaping 1/2 C of salt
2T Paprika
2T Gran. Garlic
2T Gran. Onion
2T Dry Thyme
2T Black Pepper
1C Vinegar (Any)
1 to 1-1/2 Gal Cold Water to cover
1T Red Pepper Flake

11/19/2017, 7:30 AM – Made an injection sauce with 1 stick of butter and 2T creole seasoning (our initial recipe that had extra black and white pepper. Ground the seasoning in the coffee grinder to not clog the injector but it did anyway. Removed the brined bird and let drain–did not rinse–then spatchcocked him. Got good injection in the right breast and thigh but not much in the other side as the small injector clogged once there was not much butter left in the warming pot. Need a bigger injector and needle and then stir up the seasoning before drawing into the injector. Painted the inside with the thick seasoned butter and shook creole seasoning on the skin side to hopefully have crisping skin. Put into the refer to “marinate”.

1:30 – Put in the kettle that was preheated to 325 by way of a half chimney of lit coals on fresh coals with pecan chunks for smoke.

Grate temp climbed back to 325-335.

3:30 – Inserted ChefWorks meat probe into breasts and one was at 125 and the other at 95. Skin is bronze and is perfect. But, meat is not near there.

4:45 – It ranges from 145 to 180. Removed from the grill.

The bowl with paper towel holds fried hot water cornbread.

NEXT TIME: The foil on the legs and wings worked well but should have pulled them off a little before done. Should have watched it closer but was playing with Piper and Olivia. Should have rotated it so the breasts did not overcook next to the fire the whole time.


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