Fried Shrimp

10/2/2018 – Fried about 15 12-15 count shrimp using Zatarain’s Seasoned Shrimp Fry mix in a cast iron Chicken Fryer using 3/4″ of Canola oil. Followed the directions on the box to make the batter plus added Kit’s Creole Seasoning to the batter and dry mix.

Did not worry with the thermometer for oil temp. The oil seemed hot enough so dropped in one battered shrimp and it only simmered. Turned up the burner on the Monogram (our first “deep” fry with the new stove) and it got the shrimp to frying quickly. Added three more and cooked the rest in batches.

Mary swirled them around to keep them cooking evenly and they turned out great. Looked like the ones in the restaurants and tasted better.

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