German Sauerkraut with the First 2021 Cabbage

12/30/2021 – Made our standard german kraut with a large head of Cheers Cabbage.

Rebuilt Spreadsheet 12/30/2112/30/2021
Caraway Seed – 2gm /1000 gm cabbage3.2
Juniper berries – 2 gm per 1000 gm cabbage3.2
Mustard Seed – 6 gm per 1000 gm of cabbage9.5
Salt – 1.6% of the cabbage25.2
Projected 1/2 gallon jars at 1400 gm of cabbage per jar. But it made – *½ gallon

‘* Mary trimmed it up more after I weighted it and maybe removed 50 gms. That contributed to it not filling the ½-gallon jar as expected. So, the salt and seasonings will be a little higher than the above ratios.

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